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Sen. John Albers Condemns Antisemitic Cobb County Protest

Monday, June 26, 2023

This morning, Senate Committee on Public Safety Chairman Sen. John Albers (R – Roswell) released the following statement in response to actions taken by Neo-Nazi activists over the weekend outside of a Cobb County Synagogue: “It is disheartening to see that in today’s day and age, we are still dealing with the issue of antisemitism. In the last year, faceless cowards have left hateful leaflets in neighborhoods, painted swastikas on walls, sent threatening messages and made awful and disparaging comments throughout our state. These acts are unconscionable and some criminal,” said Sen. Albers.

“This past weekend, activists proceeded to demonstrate derogatory acts such as holding up Nazi flags in front of the Chabad of Cobb, a Jewish synagogue within my district that I am proud to represent. I stand fully behind Rabbi Silverman, his congregation and the Jewish people everywhere. Both my grandfathers served in the US Army and helped defeat the Nazis in World War II. I will proudly continue their work now to ensure that all Georgians are able to live in peace. As the Senate Chairman of Public Safety, I am diligently working with our local, state, and federal counterparts to assure any criminal activity is pursued to the fullest extent of the law.

I am asking you to join me today in locking arms to denounce these terrible people and work together to ensure safety, support, and liberty in our land for all who choose to call Georgia home.”

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Sen. John Albers serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Safety. He represents the 56th Senate District which includes portions of Cherokee, Cobb and North Fulton counties. He may be reached at his office at 404.463.8055 or by email at [email protected].